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Friday 24th March 2017

Guild & NW District What's On

District secretaries please remember that items for the printed version of What's On are needed by the the 10th of the previous month to Please give a contact name and number for events other than practices.

Please send items for this web page to


Saturday 8th

NW District Practice.Eye

Tuesday 11th

2nd Tuesday Ringing.Sudbury, St Gregory & Hartest

Sunday 16th

150th Anniversary of the birth of Wilbur Wright.

Sunday 16th

Easter Day.

Friday 21st

Helmingham Monthly Practice.Helmingham

Saturday 22nd

Guild AGM.Beccles


Friday 19th

Helmingham Monthly Practice.Helmingham

Saturday 20th

Guild Striking Competitions.NW District


Thursday 8th

150th Anniversary of the birth of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Friday 16th

Helmingham Monthly Practice.Helmingham

Saturday 17th

Ridgman Trophy.Great St Mary, Cambridge

Saturday 17th

Guild Management Committee.Stowupland Church Hall

Saturday 24th

Cretingham Bell Weekend.Cretingham

Saturday 24th

National 12-bell Striking Contest.Southwark

Sunday 25th

Cretingham Bell Weekend.Cretingham


Wednesday 12th

26th Annual Veterans' Day.Debenham

Tuesday 18th

200th Anniversay of the death of Jane Austen.

Friday 21st

Helmingham Monthly Practice.Helmingham


Friday 25th

150th Anniversary of the birth of Michael Faraday.


Saturday 16th

Guild Social.Sproughton Tithe Barn

Wednesday 27th

200th Anniversary of the birth of Hiram R Revels.


Wednesday 4th

60th Anniversary of the launch of Sputnik.

Tuesday 31st

500th Anniversary of Martin Luther's Ninety Five Themes.


Thursday 23rd

100th Anniversary of Bell ringing to mark initial British success in the Battle of Cambrai.

Saturday 25th

150th Anniversary of Alfred Nobel patenting dynamite.


Saturday 16th

Ipswich Christmas Ringing.



Saturday 23rd

National 12-bell Striking Competition.Cambridge


Saturday 22nd

National 12-bell Striking Contest.Exeter